The Advantages Of Using Lightroom Presets

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for more than a year now and even though I feel that I am already an advanced user, I can still say that Lightroom still surprises me with its many advantages. Lightroom by Adobe system is one of the most reliable image editing processors in the market today. It contains a lot of features that can be of great help during image processing. Ever since I started using Lightroom, I knew that it will be the best tool for post processing workload.

photo3In this article, we will talk about the many advantages and benefits of using Lightroom presets. Here are some of the things that I’ve experienced as I edit most my images in Lightroom:

Fast Image Processing

Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom doesn’t require manual image editing since it has default preset that can be used to make changes in the images. Using presets in the program makes the editing process very fast.

User-Friendly Interface

Lightroom has indeed a user-friendly interface. Unlike other image processor, everything you need in Lightroom is in the develop module option. The entire presets, collection, and the image library is with the develop module. You will definitely enjoy exploring all the options inside the program.

Consistent Image Quality

I don’t mean to compare other image processors, but I am amazed in how Lightroom maintained its features to produce high-quality images. Especially when creating presets, you can actually see that all of the image outcomes have similar image quality.

Simple Image Editing

In Adobe Photoshop, you need to estimate a day or two to make an image look right. But with Lightroom, everything is smooth-sailing. With the help of the options under the develop module, you can create, edit and save unique images. In addition to its amazing benefits, Lightroom presets can help you create more cool looking presets.

Improve Your Images with Lightroom Graduated Filter Tool

Hazy-Pop-Lightroom-PresetsLightroom Film Presets are awesome and great for processing your photos and understanding how its tools work will help you use it more effectively and efficiently.

To start with, what is Lightroom Graduated Filter?  And how could you use this tool to enhance your images? Lightroom Graduated Filter is a tool that allows you to edit or make an adjustment to your photos.  This is how you apply Graduated Filter in Lightroom.

Click the Graduated Filter icon underneath the “Histogram” or you may use the shortcut keyboard ‘M’. Then click the desired settings such as exposure, color temperature and etc.  Just hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse across the image, starting at the point where you want the filter to be the strongest. A simple way to remember this is that you start dragging your mouse from the area of the photos that you may want to change and create as large a gradient as you need to create the transition subtle.  Adjust the position, the size and angle of the gradient, as well as it’s setting until you get the result you want.

Now you know how to use Graduated Filter Tool, let us see some uses of Lightroom that can make your photo stunning.

Can reduce atmospheric haze.  A good use for the Graduated Filter is in reducing haze in the distance for cityscapes and landscapes. You’ve found that increasing contrast and clarity even sharpness across a vertical gradient can help reduce haze.

Can make edges of image darker.  Graduated Filters are a handy way of making the edges of your images darker. It will help the viewers’ attention towards the focal point.

Can select and adjust white balance. With the use of controls (Temp and tint controls) in the Graduated Filter settings, you can definitely adjust white balance across a gradient.

Can add a colour wash. One of the uses of Graduated Filter is to add a colour wash into a photo. To select colour, just click on the colour picker icon at the bottom of the Graduated Filter panel -> select the colour you want to add.

Can change the exposure on one side of the frame. You can control overall exposure, or target just the shadows or highlights.

Hopefully, the strategies above will help you use the Graduated Filter more creatively.

The Best Lightroom HDR Presets

pbn6I want to make my job easier inline of editing photos. And I wished I had a great preset, so that I can edit my photos in just a single click. Then, I discovered after working my image, I made such an awesome photo using HDR preset.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It helps you to get more shadow and highlight details in your photographs that can capture the human eye sees. Also, it is used heavily by photographers to bring out cloud details in the sky, and used for surrealistic photographs that work well with texture and reflections.

Lightroom presets provide a way to immediately apply a specific processing setting to any photo you like. Once you add lightroom hdr preset to the panel in the “Develop Module”, it remain there until you delete it.  It will also appear in the list of “Develop Setting” that you may select it when you import photos.

Below are some best Lightroom HDR presets:

Nightclub Lightroom Presets created for nightclub photographers, wedding party and concert photographers. It designed to show the creative possibilities that Lightroom can give you. These presets help you to create infinite custom color tones from sophisticated warming and cooling to more powerful color effects.

Matte Premium Lightroom Presets can enhance your photos a beautiful, faded and stylish output.  These presets can be easily adjusted to fit your image.

Natural HDR Lightroom presets will give your photos high quality sharp look with different effects.  Also they will bring to life details you didn’t know were there. These presets are design to work well with most pictures.

Dynomite HDR Volume 2 is a collection of High Dynamic Range Lightroom preset that gives your photos a wider and deeper range of colors.

Now, do you want to create HDR images without spending a lot of time processing photos? With HDR presets, you can create beautiful and awesome looks very easy in Lightroom.

I hope you’ll find it useful and speed up your workflow.

3 Easy Tips In Using Lightroom

L6If you are using adobe photoshop for quite some time now, then you are fully aware that there are a lot of ways to make every image beautiful. The editing program is very powerful and big that every task can be done perfectly. However, Adobe system decided to create another editing program that will assist and guide photographers in their workflow.

Basically, adobe lightroom is similar with photoshop, but it has more exciting and easy features to improve photos well. As we talk about the 3 easy tricks later on, you will see a lot of tricks and easy options that you probably did not learn from start. Knowing these tips will let you use lightroom more smoothly and will give you the best image result. If you want to know how to install lightroom on certain operating system and devices, watch the video shown below:

Modify with the brush effect

The brush effect in adobe lightroom is one of the most helpful tools since it allows us users to alter and edit to the most specific portion of the image.  It is also considered as one of the most amazing features since the changes made are non-destructive or it doesn’t destroy the original image.

Create a Powerful Sky Edit Using Luminance

This tool is commonly used when an image has too much of sky shadows, or when it is too sunny and bright. It is best to use lightroom to modify its saturation and enhance the sky portion to make it more lively and blue.

Resetting the Sliders

Using the control key (ALT) in the develop module will reset all the sliders used. Resetting the sliders can help you avoid confusions on which sliders to use in the next images. All you have to do is to double click the name of the slider shown and it will automatically return to its original setting.

Hopefully, these three tips will help you in using the latest version of lightroom.



Five Reasons Why You Should Use Adobe Lightroom Presets

001What is Adobe Lightroom Presets?

Generally, it is a collection of outstanding filtered images called presets to help photographers simplify their job. It includes filters such as customized sepia, black and white, vintage, and a whole lot more. Instagram, a well-known online mobile video and photo sharing application is very similar to lightroom presets since it also offers different types of filtered images. However, lightroom can store a lot of presets than instagram.

In this article, we will talk about the five main reasons why you should use adobe lightroom presets. Lightroom presets can:

Generate beautiful image outcome

We all know that high end cameras like DSLR can take wonderful image; however, its output is not enough. It needs a little changes and modification. Lightroom presets can make every dull and raw images into a more creative, lively and fun pictures. If you are not that creative kind of person, then lightroom presets is for you.

Help Simplify Workload

Adobe system decided to build lightroom presets because they want to help professional photographers simplify their editing process. With lightroom, you can now have the opportunity to edit and apply filters in all images in just few clicks.

Make Images Stand-Out

There are tons of images being uploaded online each year; some of it was raw and unedited.  If you use lightroom presets, there is a big possibility that your picture can be selected by people with the same interest. Moreover, you can give your images an outstanding look that people will notice.

Provide Superb Image Editing Service

Adobe lightroom is a non-destructive photo editing tool. It does not alter or change the pixels of every image. It allows users to keep the original copy of the images. In addition, users can use different styles of presets in one image.

Enhance Your Creativity

If you are the kind of person who loves to share pictures online, but do not have the right tool to beautify your images, then lightroom presets is what you are looking for. It allows you to produce lively and meaningful images easily. Moreover, it helps you enhance your creativity since it will let you decide which preset to use.

In addition, presets allows users to create their own presets and once their done creating, they can save it and use it in the future. They can also upload their newly created lightroom preset on any of their social media accounts and on the web and allow other people use their customized presets.

Lightroom has a lot of advantages. If you still doubt about its features and services, read more reviews about presets. Whether you are a novice or pro, lightroom presets can help you in a lot of ways.  There are a lot of downloadable free lightroom presets online, give it a try.


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