That (Good) Habit of Reading Cameradojo Reviews

  • Checking on Cameradojo’s drone reviews
  • Becoming a knowledgeable photographer through these reviews from Cameradojo
  • Knowing the technical aspect of these photo and video gadgets, courtesy of reviews from Cameradojo

Only those who have the habit of reading reviews are in a better position to produce quality output in the process. And that can be applied, too, if you are fond of reading these comprehensive reviews about these action cameras at


Even if you are not a professional designer or photographer, reading a review from makes you more of an expert. These reviews not only informs you of what’s the latest on the market, it also equips you on how to deal with the technical side of the trade. See more at cameradojo on how to maneuver these action cams.

Cameradojo brings you the best drones you can use for your images and videos. This site enables you to use tools that seasoned videographers are using, the ones used during film productions. So it goes without saying that the moment you use these tools from Cameradojo, you are more or less considered an expert.

Make no mistake about it, a lot of artists and designers are checking in on this site, using drones to increase the dramatic effect on their images or that making their videos more interactive. See more at cameradojo their list of drones that accentuate your scenes to look more like those from featured films.

And it is always amazing to note that all of these beautiful images started just by reading a review from Cameradojo. At the outset, many people might think of it as a waste of time. On the contrary, reading a Cameradojo review increases your options on how to edit your images, and enhances your view of what a beautiful scene should look like with the use of these drones.

So if you are interested in creating that kind of effect to your images, see more at cameradojo these comprehensive reviews about the said tools.

Sleeklens and These Presets Workflow

  • Presets workflow to consider when editing your photos
  • Procedures in editing and enhancing your photos, courtesy of Sleeklens
  • The tools you need to use for your photos (editing)

There are so many things you can do with your editing if you follow this Sleeklens Lightroom presets workflow. For one, photo editing is so easy with this system; the procedure allows you to navigate the app with ease. Second, it saves you time and resources as well, merely because of the smooth flow of editing it provides.


Sleeklens Lightroom presets workflow generates more work than you can ever imagine. Sleeklens has provided a way out of that long, tedious work that you usually experience when editing photos. When this workflow arrived into the scene, nowhere has photo editing been this smooth than what Sleeklens has to offer.

So if you want to produce as many great photos as you can without sacrificing its quality, then you need to try this Sleeklens Lightroom presets workflow right now. This actually makes the difference when it comes to photo editing, because there’s a procedure and the effect you can create seems limitless.

The moment you instill this Sleeklens Lightroom presets workflow into your type of photography, then expect to be called an expert in the field, because these are the types of system that professionals follow. You can’t just use tools just for the sake of editing these images, there has to a system behind it. Otherwise, you’d be producing low quality pictures without end.

But thanks to this Sleeklens Lightroom presets workflow. You edit your photos like a professional even if you’re not and that there’s less worry now every time you enhance these images. For more of this workflow, though, just click this link,, and start following this particular workflow for the development of your photography.

Great Workflow Reviews from Sleeklens

  • Checking in on workflow reviews with Sleeklens
  • Reading comprehensive reviews before editing your photos
  • Appropriate tools for your photo editing

Sleeklens offers more than just gadgets and tools, they also have the best reviews for 2016. Yes, a really good Sleeklens workflow review for 2016 is exactly what you need from now on as far as photo editing and enhancing is concerned.


You don’t need to go further online just to have that type of review that answers all your photography inquiries. This Sleeklens workflow review for 2016 covers everything you need, from the appropriate gadgets to use to the kind of workflow that speeds up your editing process.

There’s a lot of advantages every time you inculcate the habit of reading these reviews, and this Sleeklens workflow review for 2016 is no exemption. In it, you’ll have a list of the finest tools or solutions to use for you to come up with images that perk up the imagination of the unimaginative. You’ll also know the latest trends in the photography scene, something that a budding photographer needs.

Sleeklens is changing the way we deal with photo editing. It is the kind of editing that is quite accessible without losing that quality aspect to it. It is actually leveling the playing field once dominated by seasoned photographers and designers. And you will read all of this in this informative Sleeklens workflow review for 2016.

It makes photo editing looked easy. Nowhere can you find a site that offers the complete package when it comes to improving the look of your images, only at

So get a glimpse of this Sleeklens workflow review for 2016 in their website, and know the value of it in relation to your photo editing. Just a necessary thing to do for a more complete photo editing in the process.

Where to Get Black And White Presets For Lightroom

  • Introduction to photography
  • Lightroom Presets
  • Where to get B&W presets

Photography has evolved in the many years since it was first invented. Through the advancement of technology, photography has seen many welcome changes and innovation. Among that is the invention of digital cameras.  Through digital cameras, we can now take digital photos which are very easy to enhance. And with the invention of photo post processing software, it is now possible to take a “perfect” shot.  By simply editing a digital photo with a post processing software like Lightroom, you can enhance the color, contrast, lighting and anything else you want. You can even turn your colored photo into black and white.


Speaking of Lightroom, you have to take advantage of its preset function. This feature cuts your workflow time in half and basically allows you to edit a batch of photos quickly and easily. These presets can be imported and exported. That is the beauty of Lightroom. That is why it is considered by most to be the go to software for processing digital images. These presets, especially when well made, will make your digital photo livelier and more professional. It is practically the secret of every photographer today.

One notable type of preset is the black and white preset. It is very popular among photographers because it represents beauty at a different spectrum. There is a romantic feel when looking at black and white photos. That is why lightroom black and white presets are very popular today. It is quite troublesome though to look for great black and white presets as it takes special techniques to achieve the right combination of contrast, exposure and other aspects in order to make a great B&W preset.

So, if you are looking for great lightroom black and white presets, I suggest you visit They provide great downloadable B&W presets and are made by experts and professionals. Go visit their site now and check it out for yourself. You will not regret it!

Your Photo Images via Action Cameras

  • Cameras that can capture actions without altering the resolution of your image
  • Affordable action cameras available online
  • Actions cameras with special features designed specifically to would-be and professional photographers

Using action cameras has a lot of advantages. Photographers can attest to that because most of them are using these kinds of cameras since it came out of the market, and especially when they use the outdoors as subjects. So the sensible thing to do is to use a camera that can handle movement without altering its resolution.


A camera action most of the time can perform multiple functions in that it can capture as many images per second and that it can withstand certain temperatures without damaging its performance.

Now, you can get a camera action on the web at a very affordable price. Despite being affordable, though, you still get the same amount of quality pictures compared to those cameras with more intricate designs and features. A good camera action can still take shots like those of sophisticated ones.

So if you’re a budding photographer serious about making a career in the industry, you might want to start with a camera action at your side. This will jumpstart your career as a professional photographer because you are introduced to a gadget that prepares you for those complicated cameras.

If you’re into landscapes or portraits, it doesn’t matter, a really great camera action will always do wonders with your type of photography.

Don’t waste your time anymore using cameras that won’t go the distance, this camera action will take care of it. They say that using the right type of camera is crucial in creating beautiful pictures. That is exactly what these action cameras can do, with them around there’s no more excuse for everybody not to produce quality photos in the process.

Going Vintage with Your Wedding Pics  

  • Available vintage presets online for your wedding pics
  • Getting a variety of effects for the enhancements of your wedding photos via Lightroom
  • Artsy wedding photos using Lightroom’s photo editing tools

Going oldie with your wedding pics was unheard of in the past. Photographers are even reluctant to go that way as a form of style in presenting their wedding pics. Today, however, many are going for it, even in album form.

This is where Lightroom comes in. Its vintage wedding Lightroom presets free online is now making waves as more and more designers are using it when they advertise their wedding pics to the public.


But why use these vintage presets, in the first place? There are a lot of reasons, though, why a number of photo enthusiasts has used it recently.

  1. For reasons of variety – Photographers are more experimental nowadays, and using these vintage wedding Lightroom presets free online is one classic example. Besides, these vintage presets bring that added characterization to your wedding pics, an element that’s quite new in photography.
  1. For reasons of art – Without you saying it, vintage photography can be quite artsy at times. They bring that authenticity that is absent with other photo effects. And if you can incorporate that with your wedding photos, that would bring wonder to your viewers.
  1. For reasons of posterity – One look at these vintage photos would tell you that they are enhanced for the ages. You transform your ordinary wedding photos into classic ones, like some sort of a masterpiece, complete with all the intricate enhancements on its texture and color. That’s how flexible these vintage wedding Lightroom presets free on the web.

So what are you waiting for? Get these vintage wedding Lightroom presets free online right now, and transform your wedding pics into miniature masterpieces that never fails to put a smile on someone’s face.

Going oldie with vintage presets isn’t so bad at all; it only makes your wedding pictures a bit more interesting and imaginative.

Dynamic and Imaginative Portraits Via Lightroom

  • Lightroom presets perfect for your precious portraits
  • Presets and brushes that can make dynamic effects on your photo
  • A photo enhancing app that brings out the character of your photo and perks up the imagination

It is unthinkable at times that there is an appropriate app for your portraits, and that is Lightroom. Lightroom is a photo-enhancing app designed to enhance and improve your photo images with an almost lifelike effect. It uses tools that an ordinary user can follow, and it has its own storing system for future use.


Lightroom accommodates a variety of photo genre, from landscapes to retro to black and white, and even infrared, but the most popular of which is portrait photography. But Lightroom has its presets for these portraits, so it is understood that these Lightroom presets for portraits is definitely one of a kind when it comes to portrait editing and enhancement.

And there’s a host of free Lightroom presets for portraits you can get online free. A collection of presets for you to choose so you can create your own individual style of presenting your photos. These Lightroom presets for portraits, however, differ from all the other portraits because:

  • They are dynamic – When you can create effects on your portraits that are almost lifelike as far as the outcome is concerned, then you can stir some emotions out of it. That is more dynamic than merely presenting these photos the usual way, flat and cold.
  • They have character – It is as if you are looking at a real face, not a mere replica of what a camera can do. With these Lightroom presets for portraits, however, you bring out the personality of that face through your skillful use of these presets and brushes
  • They perk up the imagination – These photos evoke specific feelings or mood, depending on the kind of presets used. These are no ordinary Lightroom presets for portraits; these are quality photos that always bring a smile on your face.

So download these free Lightroom presets for portraits now, and have the photos of your dreams. Never make the mistake of posting your precious pictures online without incorporating that preset, or brush, of your own choosing. You have everything to gain by it.

Need More Inspiration With Lightroom presets? Read this!

camera11Adobe Lightroom is known for being the best post processing tool in the industry. The program is not just about organizing and modifying images, it’s also about having a fast workflow and improve productivity that makes you an effective photographer since it allows you to work not harder but smarter.

This article will give you more ideas on how to use Adobe Lightroom wisely. To become the best Lightroom user, you should be able to practice the following:

Smarter importing style

Importing  is just an easy process. However, in Lightroom, you don’t just import presets Lightroom in the library module, you need to be skillful in choosing which type of images to import in the interface.

Using keywords efficiently

One of the easiest methods to locate certain files is to use keywords. Adding of tags and keywords on images is very helpful as it can help you save a lot of time in finding images. These sets of keywords can be as simple as naming the theme and style of an image.

Quick image cropping

Adobe Lightroom’s ability to crop can help you save time and effort. The program contains good cropping too, which gives you the authority to freely drag and straighten images easily.

Classifying images easily

When you’re dealing with hundreds of images, It is best to rate or sort them according to their value and quality. Classifying images from import presets Lightroom made easier in Lightroom.

Using and applying of presets efficiently

Presets is one of the best features of Lightroom. It is the main feature which has the ability to help photographers save time and effort in modifying images. It can be applied to one or more images at once. The program itself contains several default presets, however, if you want more presets for your images, you can download third party bundles of presets online. Just make sure to choose the best ones and delete the unpolished presets.

Generating Lightroom Presets in Lightroom

For over 4 years of using Adobe Lightroom as my main post-processing image tool, I have created several customized Lightroom presets for my own workflow. But I decided to share it to the public for free so that my friends and colleagues will see my collections. However, there are times when I needed the help of ready-to-use presets or downloadable preset to help me with my images. I usually depend on one site like since sleeklens have provided us with free presets that are good to go.

Basically, presets play a very important role in modifying images in Lightroom. Aside from the fact that it helps me and other photographers save time and effort, it actually helps us produce wonderful images.

LR2I am overwhelmed with the presets I’ve made. I even use most of it in my personal photos and work related images. Using presets makes it easier for me to work with my images as it only requires minor and a few adjustments to get a good-looking, high quality images. In this article, we will talk about the importance of generating presets in Lightroom.

Spending some time understanding and familiarizing the process of creating a preset can help you enhance your creativity and decision making skills since you will be making a lot of decisions as to what setting is good to apply to an image.

I’ve realized that using presets in Lightroom becomes more effective when used often. Because if you use the presets rarely, you will never be familiar with the settings of your own presets. Using presets and creating preset as often as possible will help you memorize the entire process which helps you save more time. Moreover, when you get to understand the importance of these presets, your workflow in Lightroom will become well-organized and managed.

Generally, preset is considered to be the heart and soul of Lightroom. So if you decided to use and make more presets, you will start getting comfortable with the program.

Once you’ve used presets for a while, you will start to get more and more comfortable tweaking and fine tuning them to your taste. The more comfortable you get, the more you will start using certain looks time and time again. Feel free to use some of my presets as a base or a starting point. Then add to it, change it up, tear it down and rebuild it, then create new preset that’s all your own.

A Good One for Would-Be Cinematographers

Ever dream of becoming a cinematographer? At least for 15 minutes? Wait until you get hold of these presets for Lightroom, and you can have that dream on a daily basis.

lr5There are a host of presets for Lightroom on the web, and these presets will enable you to become a cinematographer. No kidding, there is even a particular preset for that, “A Good One for Everything” – Cinema Style Preset.

One way or another the fantasy of movies are a way of getting by with life. Those who are not satisfied with what goes on with their lives find the prospects of film a necessary escape. That’s the reason why going to a movie is still a popular form of entertainment.

You can be entertained, too, with “A Good One for Everything”. The name itself says it all. With “A Good One”, a photo addict can use the effects similar to that of movie-making. And like our own premise, this makes every Lightroom user a chance to be a cinematographer in their own right.

This preset converts a seemingly ordinary picture into a moving one, just like in the movies. It makes for exploration where you could experiment with its tools so that your picture can achieve the usual dynamics of a movie splice, complete with foreground, middle ground and background features.

“A Good One for Everything” Good, not because it somehow widens the picture, but giving it a more expansive look, it brings with it a more compact atmosphere to an otherwise flat presentation of images.

And since you can actually group these pictures with Lightroom, you can now produce a series of pictures and create a flow for you to move these same images as in a film.

Now everyone can experiment with their pictures like in a film production, and all because of these free presets for Lightroom.



Taking care of your camera & lenses

pexels-photo-large (1)

For people who shoot mostly outdoors, their cameras will take a beating over time. This means that no matter how good you take care of your cameras, the elements will at one point lead to its demise. The best way to prolong the life of your cameras and lenses is by taking care and cleaning them the right way. You will be surprised to find out that it is pretty easy to keep your cameras in top shape.

Your shirt is not a cleaning agent

co_141004_apparelshop_lr_0015_grandeYou remember that one time you stick your thumb out, and cleaned your camera lenses using your shirt? That is a big no-no and never repeat that, ok? No matter how pressed for time you are, never use a shirt, kleenex or paper towels. This is because all of these materials can scratch your lenses. Apart from that, since your lenses are circular and dip somewhat, there is the chance you are not going to get all the dust out. The best way to clean your lenses is to use a lens tissue, a brush made specially for cleaning lenses, a microfiber cloth or an air blower. Remember to never use compressed air to clean your lenses.

Put a cap on it

There is no better way to protect your lenses than to keep their caps on. All you have to remember is to clean the caps before putting them back on. The effectiveness of covering up is defeated if you put the caps back on with dust on them.

Strap it on

There is no better way to destroy your camera than to drop it. It does not matter how much it cost or even if it is a point-and-shoot, anything that you use for your work should be protected. Always use a strap with your camera and have it hanging from either your neck or your backpack strap.

Hold it the right way

Even if you have a strap on it, holding a camera the right way could be of great help to ensure that your images are not blurry. It could also help to train your body and mind to hold the camera in a secure manner even if you do not have a strap on it.

pexels-photo-large (2)

The right way to hold a camera is to grip the right side of the camera with your right hand and support the lens from underneath by using the top of your palm to offer support. Holding a small action camera like this also allows you to adjust your lenses without risking dropping it.

Below is a video from Canon that shares a lot more tips on how to take care of your camera.

The Advantages Of Using Lightroom Presets

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for more than a year now and even though I feel that I am already an advanced user, I can still say that Lightroom still surprises me with its many advantages. Lightroom by Adobe system is one of the most reliable image editing processors in the market today. It contains a lot of features that can be of great help during image processing. Ever since I started using Lightroom, I knew that it will be the best tool for post processing workload.

photo3In this article, we will talk about the many advantages and benefits of using Lightroom presets. Here are some of the things that I’ve experienced as I edit most my images in Lightroom:

Fast Image Processing

Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom doesn’t require manual image editing since it has default preset that can be used to make changes in the images. Using presets in the program makes the editing process very fast.

User-Friendly Interface

Lightroom has indeed a user-friendly interface. Unlike other image processor, everything you need in Lightroom is in the develop module option. The entire presets, collection, and the image library is with the develop module. You will definitely enjoy exploring all the options inside the program.

Consistent Image Quality

I don’t mean to compare other image processors, but I am amazed in how Lightroom maintained its features to produce high-quality images. Especially when creating presets, you can actually see that all of the image outcomes have similar image quality.

Simple Image Editing

In Adobe Photoshop, you need to estimate a day or two to make an image look right. But with Lightroom, everything is smooth-sailing. With the help of the options under the develop module, you can create, edit and save unique images. In addition to its amazing benefits, Lightroom presets can help you create more cool looking presets.

Improve Your Images with Lightroom Graduated Filter Tool

Hazy-Pop-Lightroom-PresetsLightroom Film Presets are awesome and great for processing your photos and understanding how its tools work will help you use it more effectively and efficiently.

To start with, what is Lightroom Graduated Filter?  And how could you use this tool to enhance your images? Lightroom Graduated Filter is a tool that allows you to edit or make an adjustment to your photos or best resume templates.  This is how you apply Graduated Filter in Lightroom.

Click the Graduated Filter icon underneath the “Histogram” or you may use the shortcut keyboard ‘M’. Then click the desired settings such as exposure, color temperature and etc.  Just hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse across the image, starting at the point where you want the filter to be the strongest. A simple way to remember this is that you start dragging your mouse from the area of the photos that you may want to change and create as large a gradient as you need to create the transition subtle.  Adjust the position, the size and angle of the gradient, as well as it’s setting until you get the result you want.

Now you know how to use Graduated Filter Tool, let us see some uses of Lightroom that can make your photo stunning.

Can reduce atmospheric haze.  A good use for the Graduated Filter is in reducing haze in the distance for cityscapes and landscapes. You’ve found that increasing contrast and clarity even sharpness across a vertical gradient can help reduce haze.

Can make edges of image darker.  Graduated Filters are a handy way of making the edges of your images darker. It will help the viewers’ attention towards the focal point.

Can select and adjust white balance. With the use of controls (Temp and tint controls) in the Graduated Filter settings, you can definitely adjust white balance across a gradient.

Can add a colour wash. One of the uses of Graduated Filter is to add a colour wash into a photo. To select colour, just click on the colour picker icon at the bottom of the Graduated Filter panel -> select the colour you want to add.

Can change the exposure on one side of the frame. You can control overall exposure, or target just the shadows or highlights.

Hopefully, the strategies above will help you use the Graduated Filter more creatively.

The Best Lightroom HDR Presets

pbn6I want to make my job easier inline of editing photos. And I wished I had a great preset, better than greater than gatsby photoshop actions, so that I can edit my photos in just a single click. Then, I discovered after working my image, I made such an awesome photo using HDR preset.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It helps you to get more shadow and highlight details in your photographs that can capture the human eye sees. Also, it is used heavily by photographers to bring out cloud details in the sky, and used for surrealistic photographs that work well with texture and reflections.

Lightroom presets provide a way to immediately apply a specific processing setting to any photo you like. Once you add lightroom hdr preset to the panel in the “Develop Module”, it remain there until you delete it.  It will also appear in the list of “Develop Setting” that you may select it when you import photos.

Below are some best Lightroom HDR presets:

Nightclub Lightroom Presets created for nightclub photographers, wedding party and concert photographers. It designed to show the creative possibilities that Lightroom can give you. These presets help you to create infinite custom color tones from sophisticated warming and cooling to more powerful color effects.

Matte Premium Lightroom Presets can enhance your photos a beautiful, faded and stylish output.  These presets can be easily adjusted to fit your image.

Natural HDR Lightroom presets will give your photos high quality sharp look with different effects.  Also they will bring to life details you didn’t know were there. These presets are design to work well with most pictures.

Dynomite HDR Volume 2 is a collection of High Dynamic Range Lightroom preset that gives your photos a wider and deeper range of colors.

Now, do you want to create HDR images without spending a lot of time processing photos? With HDR presets, you can create beautiful and awesome looks very easy in Lightroom.

I hope you’ll find it useful and speed up your workflow.

3 Easy Tips In Using Lightroom

L6If you are using adobe photoshop for quite some time now, then you are fully aware that there are a lot of ways to make every image beautiful. The editing program is very powerful and big that every task can be done perfectly. However, Adobe system decided to create another editing program that will assist and guide photographers in their workflow.

Basically, adobe lightroom is similar with photoshop, but it has more exciting and easy features to improve photos well. As we talk about the 3 easy tricks later on, you will see a lot of tricks and easy options that you probably did not learn from start. Knowing these tips will let you use lightroom more smoothly and will give you the best image result. If you want to know how to install lightroom on certain operating system and devices, watch the video shown below:

Modify with the brush effect

The brush effect in adobe lightroom is one of the most helpful tools since it allows us users to alter and edit to the most specific portion of the image.  It is also considered as one of the most amazing features since the changes made are non-destructive or it doesn’t destroy the original image.

Create a Powerful Sky Edit Using Luminance

This tool is commonly used when an image has too much of sky shadows, or when it is too sunny and bright. It is best to use lightroom to modify its saturation and enhance the sky portion to make it more lively and blue.

Resetting the Sliders

Using the control key (ALT) in the develop module will reset all the sliders used. Resetting the sliders can help you avoid confusions on which sliders to use in the next images. All you have to do is to double click the name of the slider shown and it will automatically return to its original setting.

Hopefully, these three tips will help you in using the latest version of lightroom.



Five Reasons Why You Should Use Adobe Lightroom Presets

001What is Adobe Lightroom Presets?

Generally, it is a collection of outstanding filtered images called presets to help photographers simplify their job. It includes filters such as customized sepia, black and white, vintage, and a whole lot more. Instagram, a well-known online mobile video and photo sharing application is very similar to lightroom presets since it also offers different types of filtered images. However, lightroom can store a lot of presets than instagram.

In this article, we will talk about the five main reasons why you should use adobe Sleeklens’ lightroom presets. Lightroom presets can:

Generate beautiful image outcome

We all know that high end cameras like DSLR can take wonderful image; however, its output is not enough. It needs a little changes and modification. Lightroom presets can make every dull and raw images into a more creative, lively and fun pictures. If you are not that creative kind of person, then lightroom presets is for you.

Help Simplify Workload

Adobe system decided to build lightroom presets because they want to help professional photographers simplify their editing process. With lightroom, you can now have the opportunity to edit and apply filters in all images in just few clicks.

Make Images Stand-Out

There are tons of images being uploaded online each year; some of it was raw and unedited.  If you use lightroom presets, there is a big possibility that your picture can be selected by people with the same interest. Moreover, you can give your images an outstanding look that people will notice.

Provide Superb Image Editing Service

Adobe lightroom is a non-destructive photo editing tool. It does not alter or change the pixels of every image. It allows users to keep the original copy of the images. In addition, users can use different styles of presets in one image.

Enhance Your Creativity

If you are the kind of person who loves to share pictures online, but do not have the right tool to beautify your images, then lightroom presets is what you are looking for. It allows you to produce lively and meaningful images easily. Moreover, it helps you enhance your creativity since it will let you decide which preset to use.

In addition, presets allows users to create their own presets and once their done creating, they can save it and use it in the future. They can also upload their newly created lightroom preset on any of their social media accounts and on the web and allow other people use their customized presets.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Lightroom has a lot of advantages. If you still doubt about its features and services, read more reviews about presets. Whether you are a novice or pro, lightroom presets can help you in a lot of ways.  There are a lot of downloadable free lightroom presets online, give it a try.


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